To be born a woman, is to be born constantly asking why were you born as a woman.

I have never really questioned why am I a woman when I was little. My mom has always been liberating us, her children, to play with whatever we want, to wear whichever…

Don’t forget to tell people that you’ll be gone.
You don’t have to tell everyone,

But make sure you do tell your closest one on the fact of yours being gone.

Don’t forget to hugs your closest one whenever it is possible.

Don’t forget to drive safely.

Don’t forget to drink tons of water.

Take your vitamins as you should.

Don’t forget to love those who love you.

Don’t forget to breathe.

Don’t forget to eat.

Don’t forget to wash your hands.

Don’t forget on what’s important for you and only for you.

Don’t forget to say thank you.

Don’t explain it if you don’t have the capacity to.


Sometimes when I buy books online, after receiving the package whatsoever I just open the books, check the condition, give a shout-out to the store and put the book on the bookshelf, hoping that one day I will actually read the book and be enjoyed by it.

Reading is so…

Life might not be the nicest ever,

But within this life, the universe has really been sending me their nicest people, ever.

And for all the nicest people who have been encouraging me, supporting me, loving me, trusting me, and seeing me as a human-being,

I hope life gives you…

God’s forsake.
And maybe,
I need all of this.
But most of all,
Maybe I need you.

Or maybe,

I need me.

(Apr, 4th, 2019)

I told You about my day,
On how it feels tough but full of blessings
I told You that my life is a joke
And You just laughed when you hear it

I keep on going and told You about my mom and dad
I know You’re already aware of everything…

It’s 1.35 pm
You’re alone in a coffee shop and you’re fine with that
In fact you’re feeling okay about it
But life is gonna keep on trying to bring you down
But you’re stronger than life itself
So you cannot let life wins
Because at the end of the day
I want you to win,

Even when you don’t.

Mar, 31st, 2019, still relevant in Mar, 18th, 2020

I found it odd how we used to cry all the time, when we were still babies and everyone thinks that’s normal. I mean, to cry. …

Everything we have in life is temporary
But, from you I learn a lot.

I learn how to love your family deeply,
Not just by words,
But by actions,
As a matter of fact,
Action always speaks louder than words.

I learn how to forgive,
Even the worst of all mistakes.
Learn on how everything is not your fault.
And sometimes, all you need to do,
Is to accept.
Even accepting it, is resolving.

I learn how to thrive.

I learn how to be honest,

I learn about genuine
I learn how to be grateful,
Not only say "Thank you, Dear Lord"
But actually feeling thankful.
Feeling content.
Feeling good in your own skin.

I don't want to lose you,
But if I do,
I'll never complain about it
I'll embrace it gracefully.
Knowing that you deserve what's best,
and I do too.

And that's what always matter.

Hari ini aku belajar tentang kadaluarsa.

Melalui susu yang telah rusak.
Melalui generasi yang jaya pada masanya.
Melalui persahabatan yang telah kandas.
Melalui rasa lelah.
Melalui rasa menyerah.
Melalui waktu yang telah berlalu.
Melalui kecanggungan ini.
Melalui surat yang tak terbalaskan.
Melalui pilihan.
Melalui telpon yang tak pernah lagi terjawabkan.
Melalui rencana yang selalu berakhir sama.
Melalui kata maaf.
Melalui dirimu.

Melalui kita.

Anya Ananta

Trying to make sense out of things.

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