Anya Ananta
1 min readMar 18, 2020


I found it odd how we used to cry all the time, when we were still babies and everyone thinks that’s normal. I mean, to cry. But now, if we’re crying, people will ask us why we cry and other following questions which only lead to a doubt of caring or just being nosy.

Sadness is really normal. Everyone been there before. But somehow showing our sadness is not “normal” for society, except if you’re still a baby. The fact that there are water coming out of our eyes are not okay, they say.

“It shows your weakness, your over-sensitivity, your feminine side.”

Even some other people consider crying as a measurement of lacking masculinity. Society is pretty cruel, I guess. And I wonder, why?

Why do we consider crying as some kind of flaw, when every single one of us, has our own moment?

Why do we consider crying as something that are too much, when that’s what our body natural reaction for some circumstances?

Do we forget with the fact that we used to cry all the time?

Is there anything wrong from showing our own true emotions?

I found it odd.



Anya Ananta

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